Printmaking is a medium I have always been passionate about. I started out by learning the relief printmaking methods (woodcut and linoleum) in middle school and taking a stencil printmaking class (silkscreen) in high school. I took a course on intaglio printmaking in college where I learned engraving, etching, aquatint and mezzotint techniques. Linoleum printmaking (one of the most basic forms of printmaking) is my favorite form of printmaking. The act of carving on a linoleum block or sheet is very relaxing for me.

When teaching, I need to be aware of safety. Relief and intaglio printmaking can be very dangerous and hazardous for young students. For this reason, I will alter lesson plans to suit the little ones. I did a simple lesson on yarn printing for Kindergarten-aged students using only yarn, acrylic and watercolor paints, and paper.

The site below has great ideas for Kindergarteners-6th Grade students.

For older students and adults, I found this site to be helpful:

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