Art in Savannah

Savannah is such a charming city full of southern hospitality, rich history, great restaurants, and many art galleries. I really enjoyed visiting the Telfair Museums; they include The Telfair Academy, Owen-Thomas House, and Jetson Center. I especially loved the Owen-Thomas House. The museum itself is old and beautiful; it had been a plantation in the past, so it has a very homey yet elegant feel.

One of my favorite paintings in the museum is La Parabola (A Parable) by Cesare Laurenti. On the left side of the painting are energetic young girls running up the stairs, the center is filled with young women to middle aged women, and the right side has older women walking slowly down the stairs. The left side of the painting is very bright, and the right is dark with not much color. This painting really touched me, and I stood there looking at it for a while trying to decode the different meanings behind it. I believe the painting is about a woman’s life, the beginning to end. It is about all the steps women go through in life: birth, joy, health, heartbreak, love, family, sadness, sickness and death. What are your thoughts on the painting?

It was a pleasure browsing the museum’s collection of art.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Love Georgia! We had the most amazing time when we visited this past summer. So much charm and history. Hope you have an amazing time!

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