Georgia O’ Keeffe and the Color Wheel

This week my students learned about the colors on the color wheel. Cool colors include blue and purple, while warm colors include red, orange and brown.

For my younger students, I had pre-drawn a single large flower on 2 different sheets of paper (I was inspired by artist Georgia O’ Keeffe!). For one flower, they were to color in with markers using ONLY the warm colors they learned about. Then they colored in the other flower using only the cool colors. After practicing, they used acrylic paint using either only cool colors or warm colors to paint their single flower on canvases (after an image of a flower was drawn).



A student using warm colors to color in her flower.

Georgia O’ Keeffe’s Flowers:


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  1. maryleclair says:

    I ‘m sure it’s very interesting to see their personal preferences of colors…in their acrylic painted flowers. Whether they’re attracted to warm or cool colors. why are any of us keen on certain colors. What a fun lesson!

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