Watercolor Resist

One of my favorite things to teach my students is the concept of “watercolor resist”. Crayons, as it’s made from wax, will repel watercolor paint. Using white or lighter colored crayons first to draw, then painting over it with a darker shade using watercolors will really make the drawing pop! I always encourage mixing media; it’s one of my favorite art forms as the finished product is idiosyncratic and creates a certain depth.

You will only need a few materials for this project: Paper (preferably watercolor paper), crayons, paintbrushes, watercolor paints/water

Fun idea: I wrote a message using a yellow crayon to my son (white would work very well but if you don’t have one, any light colored crayon will do the job!), and then I asked him to paint over the paper using watercolors (a darker or bolder shade like blue, purple, red, brown, or black works best). He was excited to see the message I’d written for him, as it became more conspicuous! Enjoy artmaking! 😊🎨

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