Valentine’s Stamping




This is a cute, fun project you can do with your kids for Valentine’s! This week, I worked on a stamping project with my students. Here’s what you need:

Toilet paper rolls

Heart stamps (you can get them at Michael’s or Target)

White, pink, light purple paper (any size). Keep the paper colors light as the stamps won’t show well on red or other bold colors!

Pink, purple (you can mix with white if you want more of a lavender color), and red paint

Paper towel sheets (3)

Pink, red, and purple markers, colored pencils, or crayons

3 small Tupperware containers or plastic food containers (from take out places… Remember to always save these for art projects!)



With the toilet paper roll,  shape and pinch it to make a heart shape (picture shown above); this will be a stamping tool. Get your other heart stamps together too.

Fold a paper towel sheet into a square and fit inside the bottom of the Tupperware container. Add paint onto the paper towel (picture shown above); the paint will absorb into it. This will be your ink pad. Make pink, red, and purple ink pads.

Have fun stamping! 🙂

When finished, use the markers/colored pencils/crayons to create designs or write Valentine messages. Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO




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